United Nations Campaign for Driftnet Moratorium (1991)

Earthtrust team at the United Nations in 1991:
Jim Logan, Art van Remundt, Linda Paul, and Sue White

In a showdown with Japan over the driftnet issue after Japan produced it's propaganda film "The Truth about Driftnetting", Earthtrust produced a followup video titled Closing the Curtains of Death and prepared the world's most comprehensive study of the nature, extent, and effects of driftnet fishing. Earthtrust fielded an expert international team to take materials to virtually all U.N. members; Sue White, Don White, Art van Remundt, Linda Paul, Jim Logan, and John Lindelow. Despite Japan's strident accusations against Earthtrust as the leading organization pushing for a ban, the Earthtrust push succeeded; and even Japan signed the historic moratorium.

For more information, see Earthtrust's DriftNetwork page.


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