Sue White: Protests to President

The irrepressable Susie White, ET Director of Marine Programs, is amazingly feisty for her 5-foot height. Above, she stakes out President Clinton in front of a grassy knoll near her home- and managed to get within 2 feet of him with a friendly message to "cut the crap" about gutting dolphin-safe laws. (she got a big wide grin and a "big BillyJeff thumbs up" before he zoomed off without talking to her.)

Traditionally ET's delegate to the IWC, here Sue attends the IWC Climate-change workshop, which tried to answer the question of whether the changing climate would hurt the whales. ANSWER: probably, but let's study it a lot more.

and here she is making out with an endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal, Nuka Au. Sue was integrally involved in getting Critical Habitat established for these seals - by suing the government to live up to its own laws. Her past includes work as President of Greenpeace, Executive Director of the Mother's Milk Bank, and many old boyfriends she doesn't talk about. Sue also did biological work with USFWS inthe leeward islands to help protect the monk seals, and worked as a volunteer with the abandoned pups. She has monk-seal toothmarks she won't show to just anyone.

And if her husband doesn't watch her, she takes up with any conservationist who happens along; here Mark Simmonds of WDCS

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