Rhino Campaign (1991-1993)

From 1991-1993 Earthtrust conducted a far-flung international campaign to investigate and document the killing of rhinos, the smuggling of their horns, and finally to work publicly within Taiwan to end the practice. Earthtrust's Taiwan staff managed to involve local Taiwanese firms in the conservation effort, which took Earthtrust staff to Africa to investigate poaching and establish ties with those protecting the animals there, while getting images and facts on living rhinos to take back to the consumers in Taiwan, world's largest market for the horn. The undercover work done was, as with the tigers, important in causing Taiwan to be sanctioned by the U.S. for continuing trade. Progress was made within Taiwan, but as with the tigers, the outlook remains poor for the survival of rhinos in the wild. The work was documented in the Earthtrust video Rhino Crisis.

For more information on Earthtrust's activites in Asia, see Earthtrust's Endangered Wildlife Initiative page.


Earthtrust Africa Video Expedition
Keith and Suzie Highley observing wild rhinos

Earthtrust Africa Video Expedition
Rhinos in the wild

Poster for "Rhino Day", 12 November '93 in Taiwan
Organized by Earthtrust [Note: 112 GIF file]


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