Penghu: Stopping the Dolphin Slaughters (1990-1992)

Tears of Blood: This female bottlenose dolphin violently rammed the stone harbor wall with her rostrum, swam into the retaining net which kept her captive at Penghu, and drowned.

During the years 1990-1992, Earthtrust conducted a campaign against the drive-slaughter of dolphins and false killer whales off the coast of Taiwan. This campaign consisted initially of documenting the kills, then negotiating with local authorities to stop kills and release the remaining animals. Subsequently, ET staff in Taiwan succeeded in having such drive-kills made illegal. At that point, Earthtrust worked to help enforce the new law, spending time on site annually to educate in the local schools near Penghu, and to report captures of dolphins. In 1992 dolphins were again captured, and with ET's reporting, the laws were enforced and almost all the animals were released unharmed. This successful campaign changed local opinions and laws. The annual oversight was discontinued in 1993 due to lack of funding for the project. The situation was enormously improved, but is still not perfect.

Gallery: Dolphin Kills at Penghu.

CAUTION: The following photos contain graphic images of dolphins and false killer whales being tortured and butchered at Penghu. NOT FOR THE QUEASY.

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