Earthtrust's Orca Program

The beautiful orca, sometimes called "killer whale" is in fact amazingly gentle and peaceful among its own kind - as well as showing humans the same respect. These social, long-lived creatures live their entire lives in extended matriarchal families. The largest of the dolphins, they posess what may be the most complex brain on earth and communicate constantly; and yet we know very little of them. It is an EarthTrust priority to understand them and to save them.

Comparison of the relative sizes of the Orca and human brains

A pioneer in the work to understand these peaceful but powerful animals over the past 2 decades is Dr. Paul Spong who runs Orcalab in British Columbia. Paul is the man who got Greenpeace into the whale issue in 1975. Since the days of the Ohana Kai whale campaign in the1977 which he co-directed, Paul has worked in cooperation with Earthtrust, and in that time he has done amazing work in documenting the lives of orca, and has been a strong voice for whale conservation.

Orcalab Headquarters in British Columbia

Earthtrust currently helps support Orcalab efforts through granted funds from tax-deductible contributions to the Earthtrust Orca Program. Historically, 100% of such funds have been granted to Paul's work at Orcalab. Those wishing to contact Orcalab directly can reach Paul via email at


Windward Environmental Center
1118 Maunawili Road
Kailua, HI 96734 USA
(808) 261-5339

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