many thanks to....

Lloyd Bridges

Earthtrust's "Honorary Chairman"

and longtime spokesman

With program director Susie White on Kauai at a video shoot promoting the "Flipper Seal of Approval"

Lloyd Bridges, who has caused so many of us to love the sea, has been an inspiration for efforts to protect the sea's inhabitants for many years. Since the mid 1980's he has been Honorary President of Earthtrust, the international conservation organization. In this position, he has inspired ET workers around the world and helped accomplish some amazing goals on behalf of whales, dolphins, and the seas, while being a high-profile global spokesperson for Earthtrust and the cause of the whales and dolphins.

Lloyd's support and personal contacts helped win the greatest environmental victory of all time, the banning of deep-sea driftnets. This campaign, run by Earthtrust, was expanded by Lloyd into an issue well known in the Hollywood community, resulting in crucial support for the initiative. That success has now saved more whales, dolphins, seabirds, turtles and other animals than any other victory. There are millions of these creatures now alive in the seas which might now not be if not for Lloyd's dedication to the importance of the work.

In 1990, Lloyd starred in the award-winning Earthtrust educational production "WhaleSong", bringing the world of whales and dolphins to television sets around the world and helping define the protections necessary for these amazing animals. He received the "gold" award at the Houston International film festival for his stirring narration.

In the '90's Lloyd was the principal TV spokesperson, in TV PSA's for the landmark "Flipper Seal of Approval", still the world's highest standard in "dolphin safe" fisheries products. His active work on this positive campaign helped convince the world's largest tuna firm, Starkist, to adopt the Flipper seal.

Jeff, Beau, Lloyd and Cindy belt out a stirring rendition of "You're Stuck with the Whole Damned Bunch"

Throughout the mid-1990's, Lloyd and his entire family have benefitted the work of Earthtrust and Whales Alive through wonderful "celebrity" tennis and golf events on the island of Maui. These events helped fund some of the most crucial and forward-looking conservation research in the world, such as ET's successful drive to develop DNA tools to monitor the pirate whaling trade, and landmark cognitive research showing that dolphins are self-aware creatures which deserved protection. The most recent planned project was his narration of a TV production on the air-sculpture done by dolphins, as documented at Project Delphis


Says Don White, CEO and Founder of Earthtrust "How can you describe the enormity of the difference this man has made? Over the course of his career, he has popularized the seas, setting the stage for the environmental movement of the '60's and beyond, and motivating many people - myself included - to discover the watery world. Thus, many of the organizations and programs now existing to protect the seas are an offshoot of his life and work. But beyond that, he has taken an active role - at his own expense and time - to protect the seas and the creatures within them. He has not only been an inspiration to generations of Earthtrust campaigners, but has often helped make their programs possible. Yet despite the legendary nature of the man, he has always been one of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet, frequently taking time out of his busy schedule to offer a kind or encouraging word. He and his family have been, and continue to be, proof that nice people can accomplish great things."


Photography at event by David Bean; on Whalesong jacket by Paul J. vonHartman, Ed Robinson and James Watt