Korean Pirate Whaling Expose (1985)

Pirate Whalers Butchering Right Whale in Korea

A classic campaign. In 1985, responding to reports of illegal whaling activity in Korea. Earthtrust sent an undercover team to get the goods on them. Two Hawaii housewives posing as Avon ladies combed the coastal ports and obtained dramatic photographic evidence of ongoing whaling on even the most endangered whale species. The campaign hit its most exciting point when members of a pirate whaling crew, alerted by the flashbulbs of the Avon ladies taking pictures of a dead fin whale, chased them to get the camera. This led to a karate battle between the Earthtrust investigators and the whale pirates (these were particularly tough Avon ladies, one a former policewoman) which saw the pirates lose, one being chased up the mast and both later arrested. The dramatic photo evidence enabled the shutdown of the active coastal whaling station at Chaingsangpo Harbor and helped step illegal Korean whaling.

The Avon ladies posing with whale harpoon in Korea


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