Welcome to the ET Gallery, a growing collection of images from the real people, issues, and programs that make up Earthtrust. Check back, as we'll be adding images constantly; they are in no particular order at present, but are more of a "photo album" for you to leaf through and get a flavor for Earhtrust. Have fun.

Joint Event with American Oceans Campaign, 1991
Hundreds of celebrities converged to show support

Lloyd Bridges Award
winning the gold for video production on whales

Celebrity Waiter Event
If you weren't there you were square

Conservation on the Cutting edge

Saving Whales with DNA Cover
One of many important ET scientific papers

Crazy Shirts supports Earthtrust with Benefit T-shirts
Go buy one! These things become collector's items!

Danica McKellar
Teen celeb hustles dolphins for a cause

Dolphin T-Shirt
Cool design, though you'd like to see it

Don & Sue Hanging Out
ET's Parents

Earth Journal Taiwan
Who sez never the twain shall meet?

The Flipper Foundation Board

Starkist Press Conference
A historic day for tuna marketing

Flipper -"The Monster"
Just say no to well-intentioned PR firms

Video Blaster
Ken Marten's secret weapon

MJ MiniCycler
The machine that made saving whales with DNA possible

ET Naturalists
Collect the whole set!

ET in New Zealand
Flipper takes NZ by storm

ET Friends
Seen at the IWC meeting in Scotland

Conservationist of the Year
With ET, Congresswoman Pat Saiki saved the MMPA

Sea Dragon
Triumph at sea: world's most successful environmental voyage in history

Stranded Whale
ET New Zealand saving whales, one at a time

D.C. Flipper Protest
Students take it to the streets for Flipper

Sue White: Meeting the President

Computer Touchscreen for Dolphins

Turtle Cake

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