Flipper Seal of Approval
Licensing Requirements

Tuna companies that license the Flipper Seal of Approval or Flipper name agree to:

Maintain a corporate policy to kill NO dolphins

Enforce this policy in all of their operations worldwide, including their subsidiaries AND their parent companies

Not purchase, process, or sell any tuna that was caught by driftnets or gillnets, or by the intentional setting of purse-seine nets on dolphins, in any part of the world

Not purchase any tuna from the Eastern Tropical Pacific except that which is caught by hook and line

Allow independent monitoring personnel to examine records and operations at the tuna firm's factories and docks, in order to certify compliance

Require their suppliers to provide credible guarantees that dolphins were not harmed in the capture of tuna

Participate in and abide by all terms of the IDCP monitoring program for 'dolphin safe' tuna as defined in US law (for tuna sold in the USA)

Provide the Flipper Program with any information on dolphin-unsafe fishing practices that they become aware of

Pay an annual licensing fee to the Flipper Program to conduct dolphin-saving activities

Work internationally to support the concept and practice of dolphin-saving seafood as an example of corporate environmental responsibility

Engage in pro-active dolphin-protection activities, such as educational programs, to further promote the welfare of dolphins

The Flipper Seal of Approval is a program of Earthtrust,
a nonprofit tax-exempt organization dedicated to wildlife preservation


Windward Environmental Center
1118 Maunawili Road
Kailua, HI 96734 USA
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