Starkist Press Confrence

In the history of the tuna business, (or the conservation business) there was never anything so unlikely. Starkist, the world's largest tuna firm, bound itself contractually to Earthtrust's "Flipper Seal of Approval" standards, and announced it to the world at a gala New York press conference. Above, ET's Don White poses with Charlie the Suicidal Tuna and Starkist President Keith Haugy, showing off starkist cans with the Flipper Seal displayed prominently.

It was history in the making. A non-legislative alternative to monitor and enforce dolphin-safe tuna was now a practical reality.

Unfortunately, shortly thereafter a hostile takeover by Heinz Pet Food caused them to sack the Starkist executives involved; and national conservation organizations which had pledged to support the Flipper strategy reneged, worrying about the implications of a workable non-legislative alternative while they were pushing legislation.

That legislation proved to be good but temporary; and the Flipper concept remains the only real strategy for self-supported tuna monitoring in a free-trade world.

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