Earthtrust "EarthNerds" Program

Got a computer? A modem? And a hankerin' to help save the Earth's endangered wildlife? Then EarthNerds may be for you.

Earthtrust is still formulating the EarthNerds program, and we'd love to have your input and ideas on what you think YOU and others could do to help Earthtrust's mission of wildlife conservation worldwide, using just what you have in front of you now--your computer. Drop us an e-mail with your ideas right now, or let us know if you've got the time and desire to fill the following challenging volunteer position.


"EarthNerds" Program Coordinator. All volunteer position. Geographical locale irrelevant. Assist in formulating the EarthNerds program, coordinate on-line EarthNerd Action Teams, direct EarthNerd Volunteers, manage EarthNerd WebSpinners, help get computer hardware and other stuff donated to Earthtrust, and report back to Earthtrust management. Significant time commitment required, plus some expertise in the workings of the Internet. Give us your ideas!


Windward Environmental Center
1118 Maunawili Road
Kailua, HI 96734 USA
(808) 261-5339

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