This page has been created by friends of the conservation-innovation group EarthTrust, to fill the gap for frequently-requested information on the man who founded and currently directs the organization. Pointedly, this biographical information is NOT limited to his work within Earthtrust, since that is only a part of the larger picture. Moreover, in contrast to DJ White's usual "low profile", this site has been created without the usual understatement to paint an accurate picture of his work.

Don White (pen name DJ White) is one of the world's most experienced and influential conservationists. In his 25 years on the front lines of environmental advocacy, he has been responsible for sweeping changes in many global issues, and has created and directed a daunting array of highly successful organizations, programs, projects, expeditions, and initiatives.

Whether they realize it or not, everyone has heard of his work and seen the images of his creations. However, few people realize how many famous events and seemingly-unrelated breakthroughs he has been responsible for.

This is largely due to his practice of expanding the conservation movement by training others to be the primary spokespersons for his campaigns. Despite his low profile, though, it is important that White be recognized as the resource he is. That's the reason for this web site. While it is by no means complete, it supplies a good overview of the scope of his environmental, scientific, and business accomplishments.

The site is still a work in progress, with links being added. We hope you find what you're looking for here!

- Friends of Earthtrust, 9/2000


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