Recognition and Publications, etc


There are file cabinets full of local, national, and international stories on White's campaigns of the last 25 years, enough for a small museum. These include certificates of appreciation, resolutions of recognition, awards, and other such materials archiving a remarkable and continuing career. Thus, as in the other sections of this site, what follows are only a few selections as examples. This site is a work in progress, and other examples may be added as time allows.


Spokesperson and Educational Producer

Winner, with Lloyd Bridges, of the gold award at the Houston International film festival for "WhaleSong"

International spokesperson for Greenpeace international campaigns 1976-1985

Director and Producer, Greenpeace PSA Productions, '79-'81

Earthtrust campaign spokesperson, 1985-2000

Flipper Foundation Spokesperson, 1995-2000

Delphis Lab spokesperson 1988-2000

Quoted in hundreds of national and international publications.

Author of conservation articles published in magazines from Teen to Scientific American.

Special productions and Media Recognitions

Earthchild "Let it be Earth Day Every Day" Music Video - over 100 of the world's top child TV and movie stars donated their time to Earthtrust in the making of the music video "Let it be Earth Day Everyday". Several, like Adam Hann-Byrd and Danica McKellar, continued working with Earthtrust thereafter. For instance, Danica has testified before Congress on Earthtrust's behalf, and her series "Teen Scene" featured an episode on Earthtrust.

American Oceans Campaign Celebrity Event for Driftnets - more than 500 top celebrities flew to Kauai for a week-long event, hosted and televised by Robin Leach, which culminated around Ted Danson and Don White's joint press conference on American Oceans Campaign joining the Earthtrust Driftnet Campaign.

That They May Live - an hour-long special production narrated by Elle McPherson, Peter Horton, Kenny Loggins, Wayne Gretzky, Lloyd Bridges, and actress Lynne Moody, dedicated to honoring the campaigns of Earthtrust. It was repeatedly broadcast nationally and internationally.

Bridges Family Annual Celebrity Invitational - Lloyd Bridges and his entire family hosted a series of tennis and golf events on Maui dedicated to honoring and aiding the programs of Earthtrust and Whales Alive (an Earthtrust spinoff organization affiliated with Earth Island Institute). These were attended and endorsed by dozens of celebrities and entertainment personalities.


Earthtrust Documentaries

"Hell on Earth" (extinguishing of the Kuwait oilwell fires)

"Rhino Crisis"

"Saving Whales with DNA"


"Hawaii's Humpback Whales" (for PBS)

"Stripmining the Seas: the rise of Driftnetting"

"Closing the Curtains of Death"

"Asian Wildlife Initiative: Tigers"

"Fall of the Ancients" (with Honu Project)

"Earthtrust Profiles"

list to be appended


Independent Documentaries featuring White's Work and Programs

"Secrets of the Internet"

BBC "Dolphins" narrated by Robin Williams

Frontline: Driftnets

Nature: Ocean Acrobats

list to be appended