Experience: Education, Training, Expertise, Employment and Offices Held

Education, Training, and Employment
B.S. Geology, Minor physics, Indiana Univ 1972
Geology Teacher, Cottonwood Gulch Foundation, 1972
Geophysicist, GSI (Texas Instruments) 1974-75
High School Science Teacher, St. Louis HS Honolulu 1976-78
President Greenpeace Foundation 1979-1985
President, Earthtrust, 1985 - 2000

Offices and Titles Held (past or current)
President, EarthTrust
President, Greenpeace Foundation 
Co-Director, DriftNetwork
Director, DNA Alliance for Wildlife
Czar, Greenpeace International Dolphin Campaign
Executive Committee, Greenpeace USA
President, Flipper Foundation
Director, GPUSA TV Productions
Trustee, Species Survival Network
Board Member, 2111 Foundation
Principal Investigator, Project Delphis
Founding Board Member, Greenpeace USA
Founding Board Member, Earthtrust NZ
Founding Board Member, Earthtrust Europe
Founding Board Member, Earthforce
Registered Software Developer, Mac OS X applications
Trustee, Institute for Pacific Marine Research
Co-founder, Kailua BioLogic

Skill Sets:
Audio and video production
technical writing
media spokesperson
field campaign logistics
business law
electronics design
physics theory
biology, and nuclear biology
identifying parallels across disciplines
computer hardware and software
folk guitar
long-term stepwise pragmatism
independence of perspective
contract negotiation
international treaty ramifications
corporate interactions
large-scale nonprofit fundraising
scuba diving
comparitive psychology
high explosives