Creations: Movements, Organizations, Programs, and Expeditions

With hot links where available.

Organizations Created or Co-Founded
Greenpeace Foundation
Greenpeace USA
Species Survival Network
The Flipper Foundation
Institute for Pacific Marine Research
Flipper Fund
Earthtrust New Zealand
Earthtrust Taiwan
Earthtrust Europe


International Programs Created

International Campaign to Ban Deep-sea Driftnets - 1981-91
Save the Whales International
The Flipper Seal of Approval
The DriftNetwork
DNA Alliance for Wildlife
Greenpeace International Dolphin Campaign
Asian Wildlife Initiative
Dolphin Action Group
Project Delphis


International Campaigns and Expeditions Created and/or Directed:

Ohana Kai Pacific Whaling Campaign, 1977-79
Whale DNA Initiative, 1983-2000 , (and another link)
Japan Award Ceremony, 1985
Invasion of the Soviet Mainland, 1983

World's first Driftnet Expedition, 1983
North Pacific Driftnet Expedition, 1988
Tasman Sea Driftnet Expedition, 1989
Undercover - Dall's Porpoise Kill 1984

International Iki Island Campaign, 1979-82
Taiwan Rhino/Tiger Trafficking Exposes, 1992
Campaign to Protect Kuwait Wildlife and Habitat, 1990-91
Hawaii Toxic Pesticides Campaign, 1984-6
Hawaiian Humpback Sanctuary, 1983-85
Monk Seal Critical Habitat, 1985
Banning Nuke Waste Transit of Hawaii, 1979
Phase Shift/Stable State Environmental campaign strategy, 1996-present (see vision section)
Central American Sustainable Fisheries Tour, 1982

Peruvian Whaling Campaign, 1982
Cetacean Stranding Workshops and Network, 1988-92
Whaling Commission Reform Campaign, 1979-present
Campaign to Free Dexter Cate, 1980
Phillipine Pirate Whaling Investigation, 1993
Korean Whaling Campaign, 1985-86
MMPA Reauthorization, 1988
Hydrofoils VS. Habitat Campaign, 1991
DCPIA Amendment, 1990
IDCPA Amendment, 1997
Dalls Porpoise NMFS Campaign, 1982-83
Signing of Starkist and Watties under FSA, 1991

Hector's Dolphin Campaign, 1992
Sea Turtle Protection project, 1990-present
Campaign to protect Kaula Island Refuge
Ending Taiwan Cetacean Drive-kills 1990-92

Dolphin Meat Mislabeling Campaign, 1997-present
ETP Sustainable Fishery Initiative 1997-present
The Delphis Interlink - Dolphin Communication, 1998-present (website under construction, but here is
one general link and here's another)
Wild Spinner Study, 1995-present

The above listings are representative campaigns only, and in no particular order. During the past 25 years there have been literally hundreds of other programs and campaigns, from small to large, done by EarthTrust, Greenpeace Foundation, Greenpeace USA, Flipper Foundation, and other groups under Don's initiation, direction and responsibility. It is beyond the practical scope of this page to even attempt to list them all. Rather, if one wanted, they could compile the total number of programs and achievements of each of these organizations while under his direction. That has never been done, and may never be: many of these programs exist nowhere on the web at this time. As another note, many of the "single line" campaigns listed here really encompassed dozens of separate expeditions and initiatives. Moreover, not listed are the dozens of public-interest lawsuits, legislative initiatives, or key support provided by DW to other organizations.